Pinup Girl
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Pinup Girls

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Pinups Galore and Glamor!

SCCNOLA gets a lot of requests for a lot of different things.  One day we had a local costumer come in explaining that he was working with a photographer to shoot “Pinups” to help boost his portfolio.  He had on his “Stylist” hat and was wondering if he could look at the stock to come up with some “Pinup” wardrobe or costumes for his photo shoot.  He ended up taking out a number of items and between you and I there was nothing of any great import judging from what I saw hanging on the hangers.  Our friend returned the items the following week after the photo shoot and when asked how the shoot went he responded by pulling up a few photos from the shoot on his phone.  Wow!  They were great and both the Stylist and photographer did a great job!  SCC was happy to help and even happier to show you the results of their work.


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