Theatrical Costumes Rentals

 Three (200sq.ft each) Wardrobe Cages (Lock Ups).Southern Costume, costumes rentals offers experience and expertise as well as a 9,000 sq.ft warehouse space containing cages, design rooms/office space, on-site seamstresses, wardrobe rentals, wardrobe/costuming supplies and street-level freight and loading. In addition, as a “brick and mortar” Louisiana incorporated company, productions filming in the Louisiana area may take advantage of the Louisiana Film Tax Credit on all purchases and space rentals at Southern Costume.

Supplies (Wardrobe-Makeup-Hair)

Theatrical Costumes RentalsWe have over 400 items in our “Supply Room” for Wardrobe Supplies, safety pins, tags, tape, etc…. We have recently expanded our selection to include Make Up and Hair Supplies as well. SCCNOLA is working closely with “Nigels” of L.A and are happy to announce that we are now carrying many products from their “MONDA” line. Among the items we now carry are “Actor Bags”, “Set Bags”, sponges, puffs, IPA, acetone and a whole range of expendable products specific to Makeup and Hair.

Setup and Prep-Alterations-Made to Order

Our 9,000 sq. ft. facility encompasses:

  • Short or long-term lease: Three Design Rooms/Offices (approx. 150 sq. ft. each). All offices are furnished with Wi-Fi, desks, chairs, lamps and telephone lines. Three dressing rooms (including one large “STAR” dressing room). Three (200sq.ft each) Wardrobe Cages (Lock Ups). Office space leasing agreements include access to on-site washers and dryers, on-site tailor shop, dressing rooms and street-level freight loading/unloading.
  • On-Site Tailor Shop – Seamstresses are also available during business hours for alterations or manufacture.
  • Expendables and Supplies Available for Sale – Hangers, safety pins, shipping tags, racks, and more are available for sale. Call for a complete list of supplies and pricing.
  • Freight Zone/Loading Area – Loading and unloading on street-level directly into warehouse, no elevators. Off-street access to studio workspace.
  • Centrally located in the heart of downtown New Orleans and easily accessible from all major highways.


Theatrical Costumes Rentals New OrleansSouthern Costume Company has an extensive inventory of uniforms covering a wide range of types, color and sizes that includes…

  • Sheriff, Police, Security Guards, EMT’s & Firemen Turnouts
  • Coroners
  • Hotel Doorman & Bell hops
  • Maids & Cooks
  • Waiters, Waitresses & Valets
  • To compliment the stock we have a good working collection of Hospital garments, Lab Coats, Nurse uniforms, scrubs and OR gear.
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