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Mardi Gras Costumes

For the best Mardi Gras costumes, New Orleans can now take advantage of the professional services of Southern Costume Company.

Our location in the Central Business District has a seemingly endless array of options, from historic to contemporary, to suit any transformation you’re looking to achieve as a festive native or a krewe member with an illustrious history of pageantry and revelry.

Mardi Gras is not just a single day of celebration in New Orleans but an entire carnival season complete with parades and parties all over town. The day itself is known, among many other things, for it’s colorful costume traditions. Some create contemporary designs each year, while some families maintain a trunk of costume pieces and accessories to create zany, off-the-cuff looks before heading out to see Zulu and Rex. The French Quarter is known for its crowds of people in extravagant costumes, celebrating the final day of carnival season in full revelry.

Hot Dog Costume
renaissance costume

Tailormade Just For You

Whether you’re a born and bred New Orleanian, a recent transplant to the city, or coming in to town for the celebrations, you will need a proper costume for the momentous occasion.

When looking locally for a costume, you can discover for yourself that we are much more than a simple costume shop. We also cater to both the film and theatre industries, carrying an inventory of costumes from major motion pictures and award winning television series. We are also known for the quality custom design work we do. Whether you’re looking to have a costume made to wear annually, or are looking for an extravagant Mardi Gras costume, we can meet your personal needs with affordable costume rentals and tailoring services.

Each Krewe of the carnival season celebrates with both extravagant parades and lavish balls and galas. From the classic look of Southern opulence and charm for krewe Kings and Queens to the various themes to which each krewe builds upon float by float with their own style and humor, thousands of costumes are necessary to outfit them all!

From the start of Carnival season in January until Fat Tuesday itself, over 70 unique parades march down the streets of New Orleans and neighboring parishes to celebrate the season and bring people together.

As the largest costume shop in the South, we are a krewe’s premier resource for all their Mardi Gras needs. From custom tailoring and manufacturing for dozens of krewe members to costume rentals and tailoring for evening events, our team can outfit parades and galas with our extensive inventory and expert design team. Working with a professional design team, we can fully accommodate your needs for the carnival season.

Make this carnival a memorable one with unique Mardi Gras costumes. New Orleans can now celebrate each carnival season with the selections and services of Southern Costume Company. For krewes and members of the community, start your preparations early with a call to our staff and an appointment to visit our tailor shop. Meet with a tailor or wardrobe specialist to start exploring the possibilities.

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