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Antebellum Dresses

Antebellum Dresses are generally those dresses worn by the “Ladies” in the early to mid 1800’s.


Antebellum Dresses-Pictured is a small sampling of our Antebellum Stock.  We have over 75 dresses to choose from in a good size range making it a sure fit.  To go along with these we carry an assortment of hoops and crinolines or underpinnings.

 Our Antebellum dresses are available year round.

These dresses become very popular in the Spring time for Spring Fiesta and other “coming out” events of the season.   These go in a hurry.  Keep in mind that the “early bird gets the worm”!

If you have a very special occasion and can’t find what you would like we can custom manufacture a dress just for you or do a “Made to Order” (MO).


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