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There is always a story behind the Mummy.

In our first year I was inventorying the stock and thought to myself we could use a Mummy costume to rent for Halloween.  I mentioned this to Micah and he proceeded to build one.  It came out pretty great and was one of those teachable moments for both Micah and I.  He asked me how he should treat the cloth to make it look older.  This falls under the catagory of “aging” in Costume speak and having had a ton of experience with same I was able to pass along an old trick that was passed along to me some time ago by Alex Velcoff.  I picked up a bit of muslin scrap off the floor around Micah’s work space and ran over with Micah to the coffee area, proceeded to pour a cup of coffee into a mug and did a 30 second dip.  It was naturally the perfect solution and only cost us about $3.00 in coffee to complete the look.


The initial outfit was such a success we made another male Mummy and then the girls got into it and before you knew it we had 2 female Mummies.  Show me a good Mummy and I’ll show you mine!



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