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Roman Soldier

Guys….now’s your chance to be a Roman soldier or Legionnaire.  We have some great stock in place and can outfit a small army!  We have dressed men and women in this stock and it all looks really good.  These pieces came from the movie “Alexander” with Colin Farrell.  We modified the “Hop-lite” armor and made our own Roman armor out of it just like the Romans did with the Grecian armor years ago.  This part of our collection is first class and we are lucky to have it here for you to wear!


Roman Soldier

Be a Roman soldier!

We have some great stock in place, metal “looking” breastplates in several different styles, leather and all the accessories to make you look great!  Whether for Halloween or that Special Event we have the right piece for you.  These pieces came right out of Hollywood and landed in New Orleans.  This outfit comes complete with Helmet, body armor, tunic, grieves, wristletts, boots, shield and metal sword.  This outfit is as close to the real deal as you can get.  Put this outfit on and you will be a Roman Soldier/Legonnaire!



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